Specializing in show potential harlequin and mantle. Pet marked puppies occasionally.

Located on 80 acres in the heart of Southern Maryland, RA-CA Danes has owned, raised, and loved Great Danes since 1992. We have worked long and hard to establish our line, and are thrilled with what we produce! All our puppies come with a full body systems, comprehensive health guarantee against congenital defects, and life time for hip dysplasia. Puppies stay inside our home in family environment with children and other dogs until they go to yours. NO kennel raised litters. We are not like many larger kennels where dogs are all isolated into 10ft. runs or kept on cement. Our dogs have access to 60ft. X 60ft. play areas with sunshine, grass and fresh air. They are rotated to the house on monthly schedules, and are well socialized with adults, children and other animals. They are also placed in groups for an overall healthy environment and sense of well being. As pack animals this is more natural. At RA-CA Danes we give our owners as many choices as we can. Cropping is an option, as is immunizations. We will place show quality puppies in select pet homes.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the wonderful breeders who assisted us from the very beginning in producing the outstanding dogs we have today. What a wonderful blend of pedigree’s, genetics, and chemistry we have had! Individual thanks goes to Patricia Furr and her bitch Braewynd’s Prussian Velvet for our pride and joy, Ra-Ca’s Christmas Twister. Jim and Sandy Hann for our beautiful foundation dogs from the exceptional Von Shrado’s Jackson Fair Oaks. Freda Monroe for the perfect addition of her Kare Fre line. Dow Davis for our complementary outcross girls from the Xanth line. Pat Haltmeier and Judi Sica for the privilege and trust of bringing in the Haltmeier line, (and for the joys of owning Kaizer babies) and a special memory for the late Laura Kiaulenas of BMW, who’s dogs inspired us to begin our love of Great Danes.

We are proud members of the Great Dane Club of Metro-Washington