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Spay/neuter, limited registration contract to be determined by RA-CA Danes.

$500.00 rebate for any RA-CA pup that finishes it’s Championship/title in conformation or advanced obedience trails. Complete generational genetic pedigree available on all RA-CA puppies purchased with full registration.


Out of Autumn and Rhino
DOB 3/11/18
1 show quality mantle boy available!


We test hips, elbows, patellas, thyroid, VwD, cardio and CERF.

Results from Veterinary testing and OFA findings.


Cloud-Negative, Eclipse-Negative, Girl-Negative, Wind-Negative, Comet-Negative, Leda-Negative, Baylee-Negative, Breeze-Negative, Tsunami-Negative, Rain-Negative, Typhoon-Negative, Thunder-Negative, Solstice-Negative, Rhino-Negative, Cinco-Negative.

Thyroid may include Free T4, TSH, Specific TGA, TT4, TT#, FT3, T4AA, T3AA:

Girl-Normal, Wind-Normal, Comet-Normal, Tsunami-Normal, Leda-Normal, Shade-Normal GD-TH424/39F-PI, Baylee-Normal, Breeze-Normal, Twister-Normal, Rain-Normal, Typhoon-Normal, Thunder-Normal, Rhino-Normal GD-TH428/14M-PI.

Negative heart murmurs on all RA-CA Danes.

OFA hip joint conformation:

Twister no evidence, Typhoon-GOOD GD-8152G30M-PI, Comet-GOOD GD-8149G46F-PI, Rain-FAIR GD-7894F42M-PI, Wind-FAIR GD-7895F52F-PI, Tsunami-mild sublaxation to L hip, R hip-GOOD, Leda-GOOD GD-8358G24F-PI, Baylee-EXCELLENT (Penn-Hip score 0.29 on both R and L hip), Thunder-FAIR GD-8634F24M-PI, Rhino-FAIR OFA prelim. Shade-GOOD GD-9129G37F-PI

Elbow dysplasia:

Twister-No evidence, Rain-No evidence GD-EL00387-PI, Wind-No evidence GD-EL00388-PI, Typhoon-No evidence GD-EL452M30-PI, Comet-No evidence GD-EL451F46-PI, Tsunami-No evidence GD-EL479F33-PI, Leda-No evidence GD-EL499F24-PI, Shade-No evidence GD-EL754F37-PI, Thunder-No evidence GD-EL585M24-PI. RHINO-no evidence OFA prelim

Congenital Cardiac Disease:

Twister-No evidence, Rain-No evidence GD-CA00249/42M/P-PI, Wind-No evidence GD-CA00250/52F/S-PI, Comet-No evidence GD-CA286/41F/C-PI, Solstice-No evidence, Breeze-No evidence, Typhoon-No evidence GD-CA368/30M/P-PI, Tsunami-No evidence GD-CA369/33F/S-PI, Leda-No evidence GD-CA392/24F/S-PI, Baylee-No evidence, Thunder-No evidence GD-CA486/24M/P-PI. Rhino-No evidence, OFA prelim, Shade-No evidence pending OFA number


Comet-Normal right and left GD-PA11/46/F/P-PI, Twister-Normal right and left, Typhoon-Normal right and left GD-PA12/30/M/P-PI, Tsunami-Normal right and left GD-PA13/33/F/P-PI, Leda-Normal right and left GD-PA14/24/F/S-PI, Thunder-Normal right and left GD-PA19/24/M/S-PI, Rhino-Normal right and left pending OFA number.


Shade-clear GD1196/2004-33, Baylee-clear, Rhino-clear GD-1195/2005-13.


Shade #21596

Normal kidneys per Renal biopsy on Eclipse, Twister, and Tsunami (note: This is not a test normally done on breeding stock. It was performed on Twister and Eclipse after they produced 1 renal dysplastic puppy and Tsunami during necropsy.) We will continue to post results when completed on each RA-CA Dane.
Copies of results available upon request.


Please bear with the glitches to this link, we are currently working on it. Some type difficult to read. Loads very slow.

At Ra-Ca Danes, health/temperament questionnaires are sent out at 6 months, and again at 1 year. We use these, along with letters, phone calls and e-mails to track any issues our Danes may be experiencing. We gather this information to help better understand any health issues or trends that may be occurring. We encourage all Ra-Ca owners to complete and return the form, and to always keep in touch with us for any problems or issues that may arise. We enjoy reading about the many happy puppy owners, and look forward to continuing our motto “When only the best will do in Danes”!

This link is always being updated as the questionnaires arrive. We have added a link to the letters and e-mails people have sent in place of their questionnaires, also updated frequently! Enjoy!


We at Ra-Ca Danes follow the philosophy of many well known and respected breeder’s of Great Danes. All believe that immunizations are not only detrimental, but down right harmful and deadly to our breed. The running joke I heard years ago was, “Make sure you give the shot in the leg, cause you can’t chop the head off”. Pretty morbid, but it makes you wonder. After years of following the health of our puppies and also our dogs here, we came to the decision to not give “puppy shots” to OUR dogs over 10 years ago. We used to give the “option” for immunizations to our puppy owners, with the warnings of what may occur if they chose to have “puppyshots”. We have discontinued that practice for the following reasons. We have found 10% of puppies after having had their battery of “puppyshots” developed reactions. Allergies that are unspecified, skin problems including hair loss, lesions to the skin, puritis, digestive problems including chronic dairrhea and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), lacking digestive enzymes, chronic low weight, HOD and mange. All occurred within 1 day to 1 month after receiving their first series of “shots”. All littermates that received NO “shots” did not develop any signs. Littermates that received “minimal” shots, at a later age (parvo only) in single vaccines did equally well .

Our research has found documented studies that have shown animals to have developed tumors at injection sites, immunosupression, immune complex disease, reversion of modified vaccines to cause diseases, neurologic diseases (epilepsy and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis), autoimmune diseases, anaphylactic reactions, thyroid disorders, chronic hepatitis, renal failure, cystitis, asthma, acute adrenal insufficiency crisis, vaccine associated immune-mediated hemolytic anemia, HOD, and even death.

Yearly “boosters” are unnecessary, provide no benifit if given (will not increase immunity). Thus boosters are either a legal issue (rabies) or a manipulation issue (revenue for veterinarians). The suggestion is that vaccines “protect” against the acute disease not by preventing the disease but changing the form of the disease to a chronic disease. For example, parvovirus produces diarrhea and vomiting, the vaccine for canine parvo virus has been in effect for 15 years, the incident of IBD has been on a huge increase. Instead of the dog gaining natural immunities to parvo by actually coming in contact with the virus, using the bodies natural defenses to kill the virus, the immunization leads to a chronic state of parvo.

Vaccinations may prevent acute diseases, but if the exchange is for a lifetime of chronic diseases, is it worth it?
Canine hepatitis is almost nonexistent, leptospirosis is rare, coronavirus was never a serious threat, the same for lymes disease, and kennel cough is generally not serious. Unfortunately society follows the norm. “I was told they had to have them.” “My vet says it’s mandatory.” “Everyone does it.” “I’m afraid of the diseases!” “I’m not going to be different!” “What if?” “I’ll be made fun of!” “People would be horrified!”. The list goes on. Statistics are always available to approve or disapprove something. The stats show that majority of animals do well after immunizations, and the minority that do not, are not important. If you are a part of the minority, this is unacceptable.
If you choose to continue to give immunizations, first remember booster vaccines are unnecessary (run titers), secondly, all vaccines should be given as single antigens (natural exposure to diseases are usually one at a time) thus the body can respond to antigens more successfully one at a time, third only immunize for diseases that meet the following criteria
1. The disease is life threatening
2. The animal is or will be exposed to the disease
3. The vaccine for the disease is KNOWN to be effective
4. The vaccine for the disease is considered safe
5. NEVER vaccinate an ill animal.

A few pictures of puppies that have had allergic reactions to their first immunizations. Noticable are the red, puritic open lesions to lips and eyes, loss of hair to lips and eyes, and swelling. There was also loss of hair to toes, intense itching, high temperature, lesions to the trunk, inner ears and digestive issues.

“Knowledge is the key to power, armed with facts we can better ourselves and the breed”. We will give a real life case of vaccinosis and the heart break that can occur.

Here is the story of one of our wonderful owners Christina Kallay and her girl Isis. Isis was given her 1st parvo shot at 6 weeks before going home with her owner. Within days afterwards, Isis developed skin bumps on neck, back and around eyes that would clear up (per owner) then reappear. She also developed chronic stomach problems. She would throw up or burp up at least daily and had loose stools. The diet was not followed that puppy was sent home on which was Alpo lamb and rice. After 13 years of weaning puppies onto Alpo, we have NEVER had any growth, skin, digestive, or coat issues. All of our danes are raised from day one to the end, on Alpo. Breeders know what works best for their puppies and changing foods may cause numerous problems (ie: HOD, mange, digestive issues). She was placed on Solid Gold and prozyme for loose stools. She was then switched to numerous other high end kibbles and finally on Eagle Pack Holistic, where she continued with burping and loose stools. She developed HOD, which is held in the Dane community to be directly diet related. By 10 months of age, Isis had red crusty bumps on neck, stomach, redness to legs, itching lesions to face, ears, and pyoderma. Found to have yeast and bacteria upon skin scrapings. Numerous antibiotics and prednisone had been used up to this point. Allergy testing revealed “No allergies”. She developed demodex (mange). All dogs carry for the mite, but stressors and poor immune system let the mite become active causing the disease. Isis then began to have issues with her feet where the pads and the fleshy parts of her toes separated. She then began to lick her back toe, which cause an open sore, the toe was amputated but the wound would not heal. She was diagnosed with food allergy, chronic pyoderma, allergic skin disease, allergic dermatitis and SLO. Isis had her last immunizations at 1 year of age.

Isis was gone by age 3.

The more we bombard our dogs with immunizations, heart worm preventions, antibiotics, drugs, chemicals (topical, oral), diet changes, and stress the more we cause problems, than cure.

We do all we can to educate the public on issues we feel are very important, and immunizations are just ONE of them. We continue to not vaccinate our Danes (10 years now) and do not have to deal with vaccination issues as we have seen the damage they can cause. We ask that people think carefully before they give immunizations…once you give them, you can never turn back time.


We have had many inquires as to what we feed our Danes. We have never had picky eaters, skinny Danes, bone/growth problems, HOD, OCD, skin problems, or digestive problems. For the past 13 years, we have fed all our danes from weaning on, Adult Alpo Lamb and Rice kibble, mixed with raw ground beef, home made cottage cheese, goats milk, canned Alpo lamb and rice and hot tap water. In addition they also get raw beef bones, chicken wings, backs, and livers as treats. We add honey, apple cider vinegar, brewers yeast, raw eggs with shell, yogurt, and pure olive oil. Daily vitamins include chondroitin/glucosamine. Vit C is added during stress and Winter months. We encourage our purchasers to keep the puppy as close to this diet as possible, after all, you like the healthy Danes here,…they ALL have been raised from day one on this diet.

We believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion in regards to diets, and we have found this diet works the best with OUR Danes.

We will break down our diet and explain why we use the food and additives we do.

1. Alpo Lamb and Rice with Barley kibble (main source of food)- After trying numerous foods with our first danes and having different issues crop up with each one, our Danes liked Alpo the best and had the least issues once on it.
2. Raw ground beef- A great source of protein and fats.
3. Cottage cheese- for phosphorus and calcium, especially for the growing puppy. Do not use calcium suppliments, natural calcium found in foods is healthier and better utilized.
4. Goats milk- High fat/protein content, very easy to digest. Great source of saturated fats which a dog needs for energy.
5. Canned ALpo Lamb and Rice- main ingredients poultry and lamb. A great source of carbohydrates and high in Vit. B.

All of our dogs are trained to eat from a large automatic dog feeder when they’re in their dog playpen for large dogs. You can find both of these at DogProductPicker.com.

6. Raw beef bones- great for teeth, source of protein/phosphorus/zinc.
7. Chicken wings and backs- for a change in meat diet, phosphorus/chromium.
8. Liver- Vit. A, Vit. B and B complex, chromium, copper, iron, zinc.
9. Honey- contains protein, carbohydrates, iron, copper, mg, silica, chlorine, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, aluminum, Vit. B complex, Vit. C, D and E. Honey is almost a complete food in itself.
10. Apple Cider Vinegar- contains potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, mg, calcium, sulfur, iron, florine, silicon and trace minerals. Helps prevent UTI.
11. Brewers Yeast- Contains Vit. B, protein, trace minerals, chromium, selenium and salts.
12. Raw eggs with shell (1 time week)- Contains Vit. A, Vit B. complex, folic acid, biotin, choline, calcium, iodine, iron, mg, phosphorus.
13. Yogurt- contains calcium, Vit. D, Vit. A, adds lactobacillus acidophilus to intestinal tract.
14. Olive oil- contains calories and monounsaturated fats.